Super 16 Team #10 Pottsville

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Last season, the Super 16 pre-season countdown was front-loaded with powerful teams that went on to have terrific seasons.

This year, there's more parity in the area.  There isn't a whole of difference between the teams at the top of the countdown and the teams on the outside-looking in.

Our next team, could go up or down depending on their young, but talented offensive backfield.

Pottsville started last season 1-5, then won five in a row, before finishing at 6-6.

For the Tide to rise, they will have to rely on their experienced and deep line play.

Pottsville is one of those rare schools that can to backups are barely lose a step.

The Crimson Tide needs to come up with a reliable quarterback to go with some promising running backs in junior Aaron Kupperavage and sophomore Travis Blankenhorn.

The key is to keep the momentum going from last season, where they reeled off five in a row after a disastrous start.