Area Republicans Prepare for Convention and Isaac

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TAMPA, F.L. -- About 50,000 visitors are expected in Florida this week for the Republican National Convention, but one of the unwanted visitors is Tropical Storm Isaac.

Meteorologists are now saying Tropical Storm Isaac is heading farther west, which means Tampa will likely get storms but nothing as severe as a tropical storm or hurricane.

The three local people we spoke with are heading down to the Convention tomorrow. They say the movement of the storm is comforting.

For Aaron Kaufer of Kingston, there are few things more exciting than heading down to Tampa, Florida for his first Republican National Convention. He says the commotion surrounding Tropical Storm Isaac isn't stopping him from flying south.

"I actually didn't know anybody who was hesitant about going. Everybody I think was gung-ho. Everybody is very excited for this election coming up, as well as I am," said Kaufer, a candidate for State Representative for the 120th District.

He says he's relieved with the news that the storm is moving west of Tampa. So are others going to the convention.

"Yesterday, I did go online to look. But there's no reason to worry. We're going whether it's there or not," said Donna Cosmello, an alternate delegate from Susquehanna County.

""I don't have any concern right now. Yesterday, i did. But today I feel a lot better about it. Oh, we're going. We're going," said Rose Ann Gaetano, an alternate delegate from Lackawanna County.

This is Rose Ann Gaetano's fourth trip to the convention.

She says the focus is politics, not weather.

""The best part of it is we're going to be with my kind of people. We're going to be with conservatives," said Cosmello.

""Policy: to elect the next president of the united states," said Gaetano.

All three people we spoke with today are leaving this weekend for the entire convention.