Taylor Man Scammed by Workers

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TAYLOR -- It seems so innocent. Someone shows up at your home offering to do a project, but then a crime occurs the moment you turn your back.

It happened Thursday in Taylor. An elderly man thought he was getting a bargain for some work on his house, but instead was scammed out of more than $1,000.

The fresh coat of driveway sealer was still sticky at Chester Lewandoski's house in Taylor when he realized what had happened.

"My heart skipped three beats! I thought, 'this guy took me.' I have heard of scams, but I never thought I'd be caught in one," said Lewandoski.

Lewandoski said what seemed like an innocent offer of work turned into a crime. Two men pulled up to his house in a pick-up truck promising a deal to reseal his driveway for only $120.

Then, Lewandoski said one of the men worked his way into the home by asking for a glass of water and to use the bathroom.

"He was kind of searching the house, and when I paid him he saw where I took the money from," added Lewandoski.

Once the job was done and paid for, that's when Lewandoski realized the man had taken more than $1,000 in cash from that spot. Lewandoski immediately called police who took a report and are on the lookout for the pick-up truck.

It is dark in color and has a tank on the back for driveway sealer.

Police said this case is at least the third of its kind this month in our area.

Lewandoski said he's not counting on getting his money back, but he hopes his story prevents this from happening to anyone else.

"I feel bad for those people too, they got taken just like me, and if police could find that truck, and find him and I could identify him, I would be very happy," he said.

Taylor police aren't sure if this scam is related to two other cases from Carbon County. Officers are still on the lookout for that pick-up truck.