Suspected Movie Robber Arrested After Standoff

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WILKES-BARRE -- The man accused of holding up a movie theater in Luzerne County and barricading himself inside a home in Connecticut is now in police custody.

Police in Connecticut said Sean Flavin is locked up after a several-hour standoff at a home in Watertown Wednesday.

Flavin was arraigned Thursday morning in Connecticut.  Police charged him there with interfering with an officer and being a fugitive from justice.

Police said Flavin locked himself up in a home in Watertown for about five hours Wednesday afternoon before surrendering peacefully to police after 4 p.m. 

Flavin is wanted in Wilkes-Barre for allegedly robbing a clerk inside the Movies 14 Sunday night. 

There is no word on why Flavin fled to Connecticut, how much money he got away with from the theater, and if that cash was recovered.

Investigators in Wilkes-Barre first released surveillance video following Sunday night's armed robbery at Movies 14. According to police, the person he was staying with in Wilkes-Barre identified him to police as Sean Flavin.

On Wednesday, Watertown Police said Flavin barricaded himself inside a house near his hometown in Connecticut. Police there said he knew the people in that home, but it's not clear why he chose that home to hide in.

Police also aren't saying how much money was stolen in the theater robbery in Wilkes-Barre, but it is clear Flavin's arrest calmed the fears of some movie goers there, like the Owens sisters, who said they go there all the time.

"Thank goodness they caught him because we love coming here. We`re always coming here. They have so many good movies coming out this summer so I`ll be here nonstop," said Lilian Owens of Shickshinny.

"We come here a lot and it`s nice that they caught him. It would be bad if we kept coming here and someone kept robbing it even though he was in Connecticut. Surprised he got so far away? Yeah it`s weird usually this stuff gets caught really quickly, but I`m glad they finally got him," said Lilian's sister Michaela.

Flavin remains in custody and is awaiting an extradition hearing.