Little Leaguer Deals with Diabetes

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SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT -- Juvenile diabetes affects thousands of kids from all over the world, but what happens when you are a 12 year old little leaguer who has juvenile diabetes, and you’re surrounded by ice cream and french fries?
The Little League team from Goodlettsville, Tennessee took batting practice to get ready for upcoming games. The team is undefeated. Something you may not notice when you see the Southeast team play is that one of the kids has diabetes.
"I gotta check my blood five times a day, do my pump after every meal. I have to worry if it's going up or down at night," said Brown.
Luke Brown, 12, is a pitcher and third baseman for the Southeast team. He was diagnosed with diabetes when he was four, but he said he does not let that get in the way of making his baseball dreams come true.
"I didn't know how to handle it, I was crying and stuff. Now I've tried to overcome it, and here I am at the Little League World Series, and it's sure working right now," said Brown.
Luke's family worried about him coming to South Williamsport without his parents by his side at mealtime. That is where his teammate, Jonathan Seals comes in.
"My mom said he would need a little help because his mom is worried about him checking his pump after every meal. So I tell him to make sure to check his pump and get his insulin," said Seals.
Jonathan is familar with diabetes because his mother has it. He took it upon himself to help keep his teammate healthy during the Little League World Series.
"After every meal he says hey man have you checked your blood?  Sometimes I forget and I go 'thank you,'" said Brown.
Luke said he wants other kids to know that even if they have a disease like diabetes, dreams can still come true. The Southeast team will try to keep its Little League World Series dreams alive on Saturday when they will play in the United States final.