Harford Fair: Around for Generations

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HARFORD -- The annual Harford Fair in Susquehanna County is a staple in the community.

It's been around for 155 years, and people flock from all over the country to check out the attractions.

For Elizabeth Elbrecht of Gibson, it's been more than 70 years visiting the fairgrounds.

She's been coming to the fair since she was a baby. It's a time old family tradition.

"We have five children, we have 16 grand children, and a dozen great grandchildren, and they were all here? Ten of them were here yesterday!" said Elbrecht.

Ada Hess of Dimock started going as a younger woman with her children.

Now they're all grown but continue to visit the fair.

On Thursday, Hess started a first aid station to help people, and to keep making connections.

"You get to see your neighbors, you get to see a lot of other people and it's so surprising who comes from other states," said Hess.

"It's something that everybody that is from the area or hears about and think this is what we did when we were children, and its a way of teaching our future generations," said Cindy Reynolds, Second V.P. of the Harford Fair Board.

The fair runs until Saturday.