Demolition Over, Construction Underway at PNC Field

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MOOSIC -- The new PNC field is starting to take shape in Lackawanna County.

Demolition is done, and the structure of the new stadium is going up.

Piece by piece workers are putting together the steel structure that will be the new PNC field. It is now getting easier to visualize what the stadium will look like in Moosic.

The construction manager said the project is right on schedule.

“We're very fortunate, we've had very good weather. What affects us most of all is rain and wind. So far we've had very little, and the warm weather has kept us going so we're doing very well this summer,” said John Baer, Construction Manager.

We have seen the drawings showing the state of the art stadium. Now the reality is starting to take shape.

“It will have a whole different feel, you'll have the opportunity for you to get up, wander around, get a beverage wander anywhere in the ball park, stop at a drink rail, look down at the ball game, come back to your seat," said Baer.

Getting to that point involves a lot of work and some challenges.

First of all, workers have to build around the existing field at the stadium which stays the same, meaning heavy equipment has to stay off the grass.

Also, the construction crews have only 11 months to get the job done, and winter will be here before you know it.

“We always race to try to get the building enclosed before the really terrible weather hits us. It gives us the opportunity to finish all the trades, but how fast we have to do this to get it done on time we will just work through the weather. We have to do different positions,” said Baer.

The stadium is supposed to be done by opening day in April, and the construction manger believes it will be.