Burglary Prevention for Homeowners

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TOBYHANNA TOWNSHIP -- Pocono Mountain Regional Police said a woman in Tobyhanna Township hid inside her closet when a burglar broke into her home in broad daylight.

Police said the woman hid in the closet and watched as the intruder took jewelry and a television from her home along Cedar Drive, but they said burglaries like this are common in their jurisdiction.

"That is our most investigated crime and our most reported crime. I would say probably a burglary every other day," said Pocono Mountain Regional Police Detective Richard Luthcke.

They said homeowners should take several precautions to avoid becoming a target.

"You can leave the lights on when you're not home, you can put lights on timers, a dog is always a good idea, and an alarm system is an outstanding idea," said Luthcke.

Millie Bishop lives in Tobyhanna Township in the same community where the burglary took place earlier this week. Bishop said she takes neighborhood safety into her own hands and patrols as a neighborhood crime watch several nights a week.

"I go around looking and if I see something that's not right I call security, and if I see them breaking into a home, I call the police," said Bishop.

Police said one of the best ways to protect your home is to get to know your neighbors, they'll be some of the first people to notice anything unusual going on in your community.

"Make sure that your neighbors know who's supposed to be at your house and what vehicles are supposed to be there. And a lot of times people are shy to call the police, but if something is wrong in your neighborhood, and you think it's wrong, it's probably worth dialing 911," said Luthcke.

Some people who live in the Emerald Lakes community said there needs to be more involvement as a whole.

"If we would all come together, and be a real community, be stronger, we'd be more alert, and a lot of crimes would not be happening," said Toni Lassiter-Roper of Tobyhanna Township.

Police said probably less than 50 percent of the burglaries reported in the area are solved, another reason why homeowners should take steps to protect themselves from becoming an easy target.