Meth Lab Busted in Berwick

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BERWICK -- Ten people were arrested in Columbia County. Police said these people, including three teenagers, were involved in a larger-scale drug-making lab they found in Berwick.

The people are Fred Smith, Billy Fishcer, Ed Kelesse, Gary Slusser, Ashley Titman, Stormie Ungureit, Chris Starr, and the juveniles whose names are not being released.

The youngest one is 14 years old.

West Front Street in Berwick was blocked off for four hours as police investigated the meth lab at a home.

It was a scene that concerned neighbors, including Jacqueline Bourn.

"I heard someone yell 'Put your hands up. Get down. Get down,' and I heard a girl scream," said Bourn of Berwick.

When police got to the house they said they found an active methamphetamine lab and people inside, including three teenagers. The youngest was 14.

It's not clear how many of them lived in the house but police said they have charged all 10 people.

"It was actually still in the process of being produced as well as some residual waste from some previous cooks. So it could be a larger-sized scale for meth labs," said Berwick Police Chief Ken Strish.

"I feel a little bit ticked off. It's like, who do these people think they are coming to town, cook this drug, things like that? I mean, we have children," said Angel Edwards of Berwick.

Neighbors have been watching this scene all day and said, based on the foot traffic they've seen coming in and out of that house over the past few months, they're not surprised that something illegal was going on there.

"Just like, assaults out on the sidewalk and a lot of traffic. The whole neighborhood would call it the drug house," said Bourn.

Police said they've been gathering information about activity at the home for a while. They said it's one of at least six meth labs they've found in the borough since December.

Six of the people charged were arraigned on Wednesday night. The seventh, Chris Starr is supposed to be arraigned on Thursday.