Troopers: Cameras Found In Camp Showers

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MARSHALLS CREEK -- The investigation continues after hidden cameras were discovered in some showers at a campground in the Poconos.

A woman from Long Island says it happened Saturday at Otter Lake Campground near Marshalls Creek when her young relative was showering at the facility.

That's when the young girl heard something fall to the floor.

Over the phone, a family member explained to Newswatch 16 what happened.

"She was in the shower and it dropped while she was taking a shower, which then she discovered there was a flash card in there that was recording family members of mine and other people that have taken showers that day," said the woman, who did not want to be identified.

The woman says at first, the family thought it was an ordinary smoke detector. But the campground now confirms there was a camera glued inside.

The family found the camera's memory card, put it into their personal computer and watched.

"I was completely shocked. You pay all this money to go on a vacation, a secure location with your family, friends," said the woman from Long Island.

The state police say they were called in to investigate and found several hidden cameras in the public unisex bathhouse shower rooms at the campground.

The cameras were removed from the stalls and the state police are actively investigating.

The owners of Otter Lake Campground released this statement about the incident:

"We are deeply sadden for anyone that has been victimized by this crime. In the 40 years that we have owned and operated otter lake nothing like this has ever happened. We are all devastated by this."

As for the family who discovered the cameras, they're not only saddened, but very concerned.

"Now I have to worry about a six month old and eight month old niece and other campers being on there."

State police are investigating, reviewing the footage on the cameras.