Taste Test: Cookies & Cream Goldfish Grahams

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Goldfish Grahams from Pepperidge Farm aren't just "grahams" anymore. Cookies and Cream is the new flavor for these fish-shaped snacks.


We needed some small hands to try out these tiny cookies, so we went to "Earth Connections" day camp near Moscow at the Lackawanna College Environmental Institute.


The kids here say it's a great way to wind down the summer.


Dylan Campbell from Scranton described the activities: "The exploring that we do in the pond, the creek, the forest."


So what did the kids think of the new Cookies and Cream Goldfish?


12-year-old Tamane Takehara from Clarks Summit said, "They were really good and really sugary, and I would probably ask my mom to buy them."


Funny, it's the sugar that one camp educator... and mom... didn't like.


"One thing I didn't particularly like is that they were covered in sugar," said Sustainability Coordinator Michelle Wheeler.  "I have a one-year-old and a three-year-old and it's a messy snack. It's not like a dry cookie that they could eat, they would be covered in sugar when they were done with it."


So, how much sugar are we talking about, exactly?


There are 35 fish in one serving. That's 140 calories, five grams of fat and nine grams of sugar.


The kids liked the Cookies and Cream Goldfish Grahams, but the flavor was not what some of the campers expected.


Nathan Campbell of Scranton said they were very good, but, "...it didn't taste like Cookies and Cream."


Kelsey Banfield, 11, of Springbrook Township said, "They were good, but didn't taste like Cookies and Cream at all."


13-year-old Chris D'Oro said, "I think if you mash the two together it would taste like actual cookies and cream."


We found the new Cookies and Cream Goldfish Grahams for $2.39 a bag at Gerrity's.


There are lots of other programs year round at the Lackawanna College Environmental Institute.  For more information click here.