People Fear for Their Safety

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LEHIGH TOWNSHIP -- There was a crash Tuesday at the intersection of Buck Mountain Road and Lehigh Gorge Drive near Weatherly. State police say an 87-year-old driver turned his car into the path of a pickup truck.

Three people in the car went to the hospital. The vehicles ended up just a few feet from a home where Sandy Fritz was sitting inside.

"The cars will come down and not even slow down," said Fritz of Lehigh Township.

The families said that less than 12 hours before the most recent incident, a hit-and-run car slammed into a block which is only a short distance from the house.

"The police came and said if it wasn't for the cement block, the car would have hit the actual house that time," said Fritz.

But it doesn't end there. Last month two cars crashed in the same spot, One hit the house.

"The last accident I had, my kids out on the porch right before. This time, it was not long after I brought the kids out and got into the car. One of these times my kids will be out here and something bad is going to happen. I'm terrified," said Fritz."

The folks here are so concerned that they've put up signs telling drivers to slow down.

"I have been crying today, I just, I have a lot of immune issues I guess. I don't work so I'm here and I'm just scared." said Cassandra Houser, Lehigh Township.

"It's time for someone to do something before someone loses their life and I am afraid that's what's going to happen," said Laura Puzzetti, Lehigh Township.

A spokesman says PennDOT will replace one stop sign along Buck Mountain Road with a bigger one and move it closer to the intersection with Lehigh Gorge Road. 

People who have seen the crashes aren't convinced that's the solution.