New Joe Paterno Biography Released

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STATE COLLEGE -- A brand new Joe Paterno biography was released Tuesday. The book was written by a former Sports Illustrated writer, who is one of the last people to interview the former Penn State coach.

At Student Bookstore in downtown State College, the shelf was empty, except for one book...a single copy of "Paterno". The new biography profiles former Penn State Football Coach Joe Paterno. The manager of the off-campus bookstore said he had 40 copies in stock, and they sold quickly.

"I wanted to get a good feel for what happened. I have three degrees from the university and I thought I was going to outlast Joe Paterno but I didn't," Kevin Finnerty said.

"Paterno" is written by former Sports Illustrated writer Joe Posnanski, who had the cooperation of the Paterno family. The book covers Paterno's life before the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal, and details Paterno's relationship with the assistant coach.

Kim Ravenscroft got one of the last copies of the book at the student bookstore on College Avenue.

"Just to get an idea of who he was and maybe get an insight of his side that he never got to say," Ravenscroft said.

The biography is also being sold at Penn State University's campus bookstore. The bookstore's manager said they initially ordered 50 copies and most of them have already been sold.

Bill Markowski graduated from Penn State University, and hopes the book will give him some answers.

"You hear the extent on the bad end, and I know what I've always felt in my heart on the good end. I heard that this is an objective view of Paterno and what he went through," Markowski said.

Managers at both bookstores said they expect to receive more copies of the book later this week.