Family Says They’re Being Terrorized

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MAHANOY CITY -- A couple in Schuylkill County believe they are being terrorized in their own home and fear it's going to get worse. Police are now investigating.

Joe Giacomo of Mahanoy City is scared. He tells us of a reign of terror he and his wife Michelle have been enduring for more than a month.

Michelle said it's a mystery.

"I really truly have no idea why they would target us."

The family said they've been terrorized and here are some of the things that happened: Somebody cut a hole in a window screen and threw an unlit firecracker in, then someone tried to get into their home by shaking the doorknob and then someone took firecrackers and using a letter slot, tossed them into the house .

That incident caught a rug on fire. Joe said he was able to put it out.

"I don't want my house to burn down. My fear is somebody is going to succeed in doing this," said Giacomo.

The couple had to leave their home when someone threw a smoke bomb through the letter slot. Michelle said she's fearful.

"Oh, my God! It was so overwhelming. I could smell smoke and it was filling up the living room. I was so scared!" said Michelle Giacomo.

Just last week Michelle found a metal can with a fuse that someone had placed on the front porch. Police Chief Mark Wiekrykas said an investigation is underway.

"At the very least it's attempted arson and depending on what the lab finds what was in the canister and what is found in the lab's findings, we can get into incendiary devices or explosive devices," said Wiekrykas.

The Giacomos hope police track down the culprits.