Shots Fired Near School

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HAZLETON -- Shots were fired in Hazleton in broad daylight Thursday just across the street from a private Christian school.

It's the second time in two weeks that shots were fired on the corner of Locust and West 11th Streets.

No one was hurt, but there were children outside the Immanuel Christian School.

Now, Hazleton Police believe this incident is connected to a similar one earlier this month.

School may not be in session, but the thrift store inside Immanuel Christian School is open year round.

Parents and children were outside dropping off donations when at least three shots were fired at the house just across the street.

Police said three bullets hit the house.

“I heard about five loud shots. I was in my living room, and I ran to the front door and saw a dark colored car speeding down Locust Street," said Judy Yencha of Hazleton.

Hazleton Police believe this incident is connected to shots that were fired at the same house on August 3.

“It sends a message, or it attempts to send a message from the person who's doing the shooting that they're not afraid to retaliate,” said Chief Frank Deandrea of the Hazleton Police.

Even though no children were injured while they were dropping off donations, people from the school and neighbors are concerned that with school starting in just another couple of weeks, the shootings might continue, and the kids might not be so lucky next time.

“We moved from Baltimore to the area for a safer life for our two children, but it's like being back in the big city,” said James Fleed of Hazleton.

About 100 students start school at Immanuel Christian on September 4.

The manager at the school's thrift store is nervous and upset about what's going.

“Angry that people have the nerve to just invade towns in broad daylight and think that this is a way of life,” said barb Bott, Thrift Store Manager.

Hazleton police will meet with the FBI violent task force Monday to continue the investigation.

Again, police do believe the two incidents are connected and isolated.

If you know anything about the shots fired, call Hazleton Police.