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Lansford Officials: Census Bureau Made a Mistake

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LANSFORD -- Did the U.S. Census Bureau goof when it was counting people in Lansford. Officials there think so and are doing something about it.

According to the federal government, Lansford has a population of 3,941, but because it's not an even 4,000 the borough does not qualify for some federal grant money.

Council President Rose Mary Cannon said it means the loss of a lot of money in grants.

"We're losing about $100,000 a year, which is used for repairs of our streets, sewer work, so it's going to make a big difference on the finances of the borough," said Cannon.

However, officials are appealing the Census Bureau decision and are counting houses that the federal government workers might have missed.

Laurie Lantosh of Lansford thinks that's a good idea.

"We should redo it. As a taxpayer, I feel any help we can get for this, there is a lot of work that needs to be done, the more we can do the better," said Lantosh.

Billy Ansbach said he's one of those people who wasn't counted.

"I live above a florist and there are three apartments up there. There are four people that probably weren't counted," said Ansbach.

Donald Gildea is one of the people who is volunteering his time to help count homes in Lansford.

"I feel volunteers are necessary no matter what you do. I feel that volunteering for the hospital or whatever people have to get together and it makes it easier for whoever is in control," said Gildea.

Lansford officials said their survey is about 50 percent complete however there is no word on when the Census Bureau will be making its determination.