Wonderful World of Water

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DALLAS -- "Water" is one of Earth's most important natural resources.

During a week-long camp, youngsters in Luzerne County are learning all about the "Wonderful World of Water"

Water makes up the majority of the Earth's surface, and 30 students in Luzerne County are learning all about this natural resource at Pennsylvania American Water's second annual "Wonderful World of Water" day camp in partnership with the lands at Hillside Farms near Dallas.

“This is an incredible opportunity for them to come here to learn how they use water on the farm. It shows real applications of water use plus they get the hands on experience with some scientific experiments,” said Susan Turcmanovich of Pennsylvania American Water.

The week-long camp is free for children of PA American Water customers ages seven to 11, and teaches students about different water sources, the effects of pollution, and more.

“You can see the different chemicals and how you can test them and what`s good for you and what`s bad,” said Tia Margiewicz of Kingston.

With all the things they`re learning about water, many of the campers have their own ideas about why the natural resource is so important.

“Water is home for animals, like fish. Animals need water, humans need the water, just basically everything needs the water,” said Biagio Manganiello of Pittston Township.

“If we went through a day without any water, we would all be very thirsty, even though there are other drinks,” said Mary Sanchez of Kingston.

“Water is really one of our most precious natural resources, and so being here, and seeing how they can impact the water, how they can protect it by not polluting, not littering, recycling, and also how they can conserve it and save it for the future is really something we hope they take away,” said Turcmanovich.

The Wonderful World of Water camp continues Friday.