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Secret Donor in Dunmore Gives Kids Helmets

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DUNMORE -- A secret donor, looking to keep kids safe in one part of Lackawanna County, made an unexpected delivery Thursday.

100 bike helmets were purchased anonymously and handed out to kids in Dunmore.

Boxes and boxes of bike helmets showed up at the Dunmore police department a few weeks ago after an unnamed borough resident saw a child riding a bicycle without a helmet on.

"There's about 100 helmets here, and I don't know how many kids we have today but there aren't that many left," said Patrolman Ray Reynolds of the Dunmore Police Department, as he handed out the free helmets.

The person who bought the helmets wanted to stay anonymous and left it up to Dunmore police to hand out the helmets to day-campers at St. Anthony's Park.

The kids, of course, were happy about the free gift and seemed to get the message.

"On bikes, it says to wear helmets all the time. Some kids don't wear them just to look cool. But, we should all wear them," said Patrick Hartshorn of Dunmore.

The safety lesson from the secret donor sank in pretty quickly. The campers wasted no time trying on their brand new helmets. And, they said now they have no excuse not to wear one when they're riding around.

The remaining helmets will go back to the Dunmore police department and will be available to kids in the borough.

To the anonymous donor, the kids simply say "thanks."