Recreation Project Provides Better Flood Protection

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SUNBURY -- A $10 million recreation project was dedicated Thursday in Sunbury. Officials said it's also a way to better protect the city from flooding.

Hundreds of people were on hand for the unveiling of the project. It consists of a marina, amphitheater, two-mile walking path, and river overlooks.

An added feature improves flood protection. 

Mayor David Persing said seven acres of erosion near the flood wall has been eliminated.

"It started out we need to repair our flood control. That wall has saved us time and time again," said Persing.

Some people are thankful for the additional peace of mind. Roger Toot said he remembers when the Susquehanna River threatened the city. With the dike stabilized, he feels safer.

"The dike kept the water from spilling over. Fortunately the rains had ceased at the time so that was a great help," said Toot.

Donald Young said he is a volunteer firefighter.

"The way the community pulled together to put up sand bags and everything it was phenomenal,it was great," said Young.

"Without that, another significant event, who knows what would have happened, so it was a critical part of the work. There is no question that the foundation of the flood wall would have been threatened," said Chuck Kinney, project engineer.

Officials said it took ten years to put together the amphitheater river front project in Sunbury, and it will be there for generations to come.