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Secret Service Serves Subpoenas to WB Area School Board

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WILKES-BARRE -- Two surprise guests were at the Wilkes-Barre Area School Board meeting Wednesday night.

Agents with the United States Secret Service showed up to serve the district at least four subpoenas for documents containing information on the district’s business affairs.

Superintendent Jeffrey Namey confirmed the agents served him those subpoenas after taking him out of executive session.

Namey said he believes the subpoenas could be related to the board’s former solicitor, attorney Anthony Lupas, who was charged earlier this year with running an alleged Ponzi scheme, where federal investigators said he bilked his clients out of millions of dollars.

Namey also said the Secret Service wants district records on the son of board member John Quinn, who taught summer school for Wilkes-Barre Area.

“Information I guess involving Tony Lupas , the Lupas situation, emails, from a lot of the district personnel, administrators, certain board members” said Namey. “We got a subpoena on information dealing with any records for Mr. Quinn’s son, for when he worked for us, how many years he taught with us as a substitute.”

In March the board ordered a forensic audit of money paid to Lupas to see if the district was overcharged.

At the meeting, Namey said he only had time to briefly review the subpoena with the current solicitor and had vague information on what they contained.

“Billing, hiring, information from emails from administrators, including myself as superintendent, different administrators, solicitors, business administrator, things like that,” said Namey. “And these are very similar to previous subpoenas we’ve gotten in the past.”

According to Namey he will know more on what the subpoenas contain after going over them more thoroughly with the board’s solicitor.

Namey denied media requests for copies of the subpoenas.