People Gear Up for Little League Series

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SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT -- People who live in South Williamsport near the Little League International Complex are gearing up for the Little League World Series, which draws tens of thousands to town.

"Parking is tough, it's busy around here, but you do what you've got to do. I'm from Boston, so it's no big deal," said Steve Sewall of South Williamsport.

"Some of the streets, they kind of make them a one-way and they're normally two-way, so sometimes when you're driving home, you forget and you're going the wrong way and you've got another car coming at you," said Jodi Morris of South Williamsport.

Jodi Morris's daughter plans to use the crowds to her advantage by setting up a neighborhood lemonade stand.

"I want to save up money and see what I want, and I think a lemonade stand is a great idea," said Maggie Morris.

Others take advantage of where they live by setting up space for parking, for a price. Lillian Snyder is 84 years old. She lives right near the Little League Complex and for 30 years, has sold parking spaces on her property. She sees the same folks year after year who make a tradition of parking at her place.

"People were parking us in and parking us out and people were stealing things out of my garden down back and I had peach trees and they were picking the peaches, you know, so my daughter-in-law said 'why don't we park cars?' Last year, one young man said, 'Well, I want my picture taken with her because he said I was nine years old when we started coming here to park,' he said 'I'm 19 now,' he said 'we've been parking in this lot for 10 years,'" said Snyder.