Camp Cadet Building Careers

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WHITE HAVEN -- Controlling traffic, shooting guns, and practicing fire safety, these are just a few of the things young people are learning to do at Camp Cadet in Luzerne County.

They march. They shoot. They climb their way to the top. For one week, boys and girls from age 12 to 15 take on Camp Kresge in White Haven to learn what it's like to be a state police cadet.

"It's teaching me how to respect the authorities, how to listen to what you're told and be responsible," said Jordan Kotowski of Mountain Top.

The kids at the camp are harnessing up for careers in law enforcement, the Marines, and even the National Guard.

"I have a couple members in my family who are cops, and I just wanted to see what they went through," said Syrah Musto of Kingston.

Musto attended Camp Cadet last year. This year, she was invited back as a junior counselor.

"I really was unaware of how much they do. I know it was tough. But PT in the morning, I like it. I like the discipline. I like the always everything in order," said Syrah.

Camp Cadet graduation takes place Friday night. State police will salute for a job well done.