Taste Test: Bold and Spicy Wheat Thins

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Wheat Thins from Nabisco have been around for a while.

Now, the simple, slightly sweet cracker is getting a makeover.

Two new bold flavors are on shelves now: Zesty Salsa and Spicy Buffalo.

We went to a place in Lackawanna County that's known for some bold flavors of its own in this week's Taste Test.

At the Windsor Inn in Jermyn, folks have been making the same secret family recipe buffalo wing sauce for 35 years.

"It takes special cooking, special care when we're doing it, and the consistency to do it time and time again," said owner Andy Whitiak.

Whitiak has tried lots of other sauces, plus all kinds of buffalo flavored treats.

He was pleasantly surprised by the Spicy Buffalo Wheat Thins.

"These are one of the better ones that I've tasted," said Whitiak. "I've tried popcorn, I've tried the potato chips and stuff. The Wheat Thins, for whatever reason, hold the flavor better."

Back in the kitchen, manager Bob Hunt said they weren't bad.

"I do taste a slight buffalo flavor," said Hunt.

But not everyone was impressed with the Spicy Buffalo Wheat Thins.

Customer Joe Mussari from Mayfield said, "To me it's a little salty."

One serving is 14 crackers, 140 calories and five grams of fat.

And let's not forget about our other flavor: Zesty Salsa.

Gabe Kordish from Jessup said, "Not bad. A little salty. They do have a good flavor to them. I think the Buffalo ones are a little better."

Waitress Holly Mascelli said, "I don't really care for these ones too much. They're alright. I don't really like the salsa taste on them."

We found the new Wheat Thins at Gerrity's for $3.69 a box.