Mother Witnesses Son’s Room Collapse

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SHENANDOAH -- Terrifying: that's how a mother describes what happened to her and her son Tuesday night in Shenandoah.

One room of their apartment collapsed into the unit below.

Officials want to know if the collapse had anything to do with a fire last week at the Thunder Road nightclub next door.

Roberta Fisher has lost her home. She sits in a motel room crying, while her 5-year-old son Cameron plays.

Roberta Fisher said she lost everything when a section of her apartment collapsed into the unit below.

"A few days before the fire, I paid for the fourth month of living there. Now I have no money and he doesn't have anything. We lost it all," said Fisher.

Inspectors were at the apartment building, where Roberta used to call home. One of the owners, Vince Madaffari, said he's glad everyone escaped injury.

"Terrible. Hoping that no one got hurt. This was my many concern and it looks like everything is OK as far as that goes," said Madaffari.

The building also houses a laundromat and a clothes tailor shop.  Paul Hancher said the family-owned business are moving the clothing operation to a building not affected. Hancher also owns the building where the apartment room fell in.

"God only knows, I don't know why or what. It`s a terrible shock to us, that`s all. I don't know what`s going to be. We're waiting for adjusters to come to see what they have to say," Hancher said.

Back at the motel Roberta Fisher, relives how her son's room collapsed. She said that could have killed him.

"I noticed that the ceiling was bowing down, the whole thing fell through to the next floor and every single thing in that room was gone! I got him out in the matter of seconds," said Fisher.

Roberta and Cameron`s motel bill is being paid by the Red Cross but they have to be out in a few days. She's desperately looking for a new home in the Shenandoah area before her time is up.