Catalytic Converter Crooks

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EYNON -- It's not the first time a dealership in Lackawanna County was targeted for catalytic converters.

This is the second one in a couple months.

This time Tony Damiano Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Eynon had about a dozen catalytic converters stolen right off the pick-ups, parts worth about $10,000.

"They basically go right up underneath the units. They obviously know what they're doing.  They take off the bolts.  They just take whatever they need and that's pretty much it," said General Manager Jim Kreidler.

The general manager at Tony Domiano took us through the rows of new Dodge Ram pick-ups that were targeted by the catalytic converter crooks.

The trucks are all high off the ground and Jim Kreidler said the thieves most likely crawled right under and removed the parts, costing Domiano's tens of thousands of dollars.

"The vehicles themselves are fine.  It's just replacement parts we have to go through.  Burden on us, burden on our shop and it costs about $5,000 to $6,000 per unit and right now it's about 10 to 15 units and we're still going over some films," said Kreidler.

It's not easy for the dealership to detect these thefts.  These trucks aren't moved often.  Domiano's first learned the converter were missing when they moved a truck after it sold on Saturday.  Now they have to go through all the trucks here to look for missing parts.

"$400 to $500 trucks here on the property, and you have to go through them all?  Gotta go through them all individually, absolutely," said Kreidler.

About two months ago Scranton Dodge Chrysler Jeep went through the same thing. They had around 10 catalytic converters swiped from pick-ups at its lot in Scranton.

Both dealerships believe the parts are sold on the black market.

Now Domiano's is looking through all its recent surveillance video to see if the crooks were caught on camera.

"We're going through all of our cameras, we have night vision.  I can assure you, we will have restitution," said Kreidler.

Both dealerships say the thefts have not impacted their car and truck selling operations.

Some other dealerships tell us they have heard about the thefts and now check their vehicles regularly to make sure the weren't targeted too.