Reaction to Mitt Romney’s Running Mate

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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced his running mate Saturday afternoon.

That person is Paul Ryan, 42.

The congressman from Wisconsin now has the chance to be the next Vice President.

People in our area had mixed reaction about the choice.

“I think it's a good pick, I think Paul Ryan has a lot to do with a lot of good thoughts on handling the budget. He's one of the few people who put forth a plan and I'd like to see Romney really work with him," said Colin Morley from Tunkhannock     

“I'm not aware of him and I'm definitely going to do some checking on his background and such," answered Kim Davis from Wyalusing when she was asked about Romney’s running mate.

“I really think the American people should have a little more drive and Mitt Romney's going to do that for us, no matter who he picks," said Carol Anne Scranta from Tunkhannock.   

“I'm not real familiar with Mitt Romney's running mate. I haven't been following it real closely," added Chris Cogswell from Tunkhannock  

"I've never heard of him, so yes I'll Google him,” explained Michele Crisman from Meshoppen.