Undercover Drug Bust Leads to Police Firing Shots

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SCRANTON -- Police in Scranton had an eventful afternoon.

Investigators said an undercover drug bust led to the suspects fleeing in their car and one officer opening fire in Scranton's Park Place section.

Crime scene tape blocked off the intersection of Albright Avenue and Grove Street in Scranton's Park Place section and markers stood by shell casings after police fired shots.

“I heard the cop sirens go and then all of a sudden you heard a pop-pop,” said Ashley Garcia. “I came out and then seen the cops right here, back up and go flying down and then chased them down the street.”

Scranton police said a joint investigation between its department and the Lackawanna County District Attorney`s detectives unit led to an undercover drug bust along Albright Avenue.

Police said investigators met up with two people inside a white car.

“The persons in the vehicle attempted to run over the officers when they identified themselves and one of the officers fired a few shots at the persons in the vehicle, there are no injuries whatsoever,”  said Lt. Marty Crofton with the Scranton Police Department.

“All of a sudden I see this white car come flying and the cops jump out of their cars and they said ‘stop, stop or we`re going to shoot you',” said Michelle Gervasi.

Police said the two suspects fled in their car down Albright Avenue, hitting three police cars, finally crashing into a pillar near the Glider Diner.

“I just came down the street about a half hour earlier and was at my house and heard sirens, had no idea,” said Ed O’Malley.

Police said the driver fled the scene.

Officers took his passenger into custody.

The district attorney`s office said that suspect will face drug charges and possibly more as the investigation continues.

People said they are left shaken by the afternoon`s violence.

“I`m petrified especially with having a three and a four year old,” said Garcia.