Police Resigning Over Unmet Manpower Needs

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TROY -- A police department in one Bradford County community is losing two-thirds of the force by the end of the month.

Troy's police chief and a patrolman submitted their resignations this week.

Part of the reason is that those men believe there should be more police in Troy.

The borough of Troy has a little more than 1,000 residents and folks have noticed it is a busier place thanks to a natural gas boom.

And now, two of Troy's three police officers, including its chief, are resigning. Patrolman Floyd McDonald said he is leaving for another job. A move by borough council to prevent extra part-time officers from working helped him make the decision, he said.

"Things are falling through the cracks, a lot of stuff can't be followed up on like it should be because you're running from one thing to another," said Patrolman McDonald.

If McDonald leaves the force, so will Chief Kyle Wisel, he said adding he might pursue some political aspirations within the borough. The main sticking point for both men is the manpower needs that they claim are falling on deaf ears.

One member of borough council, Robert Ives, said he thinks those claims made by the officers are baseless and said there is not a need for more officers in Troy.

"Their hands are tied, they don't have a choice, they need someone to listen. I think if the only way for people to listen is to do this," said resident Lisa Deemy.

Those resignations would be effective August 22. Meanwhile, Troy Borough Council plans to meet early Monday to decide what to do about the police department.