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People and Pets Recovering from Fire

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POTTSVILLE -- One day after the dramatic rescue of two pets from a burning home. It was the talk of the neighborhood today.

The pets are recovering and so are the people who found themselves victims of the flames

Pottsville firefighters made quick work of an apartment fire in Pottsville yesterday. It was traced to faulty controls on a stove. A restaurant on the first floor was touched by smoke.

Tim James of Subs and Such said everything from deli meat to soda to snacks has to be tossed in the trash.

"Horrible. There are people who could use the food, there is nothing we can do about it we have to throw it," said James.

The fire was the scene of a dramatic rescue of Little Bit the cat and Jake the dog. Fire Chief Todd March said first responders gave them life saving oxygen.

"Any life is worth something so we try everything we can, animal or human we try the best we can," March.

Desiree Neifert,one of the rescused pets owners said she's grateful to firefighters.

"A lot of people won't save an animal. They would said so what it's an animal who cares. I don't feel that way, I feel like they were my kids and I couldn't thank them enough that they saved them," said Neifert.

Jake and Little Bit were placed on a gurney and rushed away. One of the rescued pet owners Kintay Moore said they are now recovering thanks to first responders.

"Finding another home that’s the big thought that’s going through my head. There is a lot of concern about the dog and the cat," said Moore.

Dr. Michele Mattera of the Brookside Animal Hospital treated the injured pets.

"They would have never made it here if it wasn't for the first responders. Just seeing them on tv last night, it's amazing that there even here." Dr.Mattera explained.

Dr. Mattera said Jake and of course Little Bit will stay in the hospital until their owners find a new place to live.