Concert Organizers Prepared for Weather

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MOOSIC -- Thursday afternoon thunderstorms rolled through parts of our area and more storms are expected Friday, the same day the three-day Peach Festival kicks off at Toyota Pavillion on Montage Mountain.

The event comes less than a week after a person was killed and several injured by lightning following the NASCAR race in the Poconos.

The rain fell hard at Toyota Pavillion on Montage Mountain as thunder crackled overhead.

Further up the mountain, at Sno Cove, early arrivals for the three-day Peach Festival took shelter however they could.

These concert goers are planning to camp out for the weekend and said they are ready for bad weather.

“A lot of tarps because it`s going to rain a lot,” said Zach Sanchez from Massachusetts.

“Once I get set up it`s going to be smooth sailing, it will be fine,” said Mike Maciunski from Lackawaxen. “The rain is supposed to be a little heavier later but by then I`ll be set up, everything should be good. Now it`s just the matter of trying to get set up between the rain showers.”

This is the first time live nation will host a weekend long event at Toyota Pavillion, and organizers said every precaution has been taken.

Still, this concert comes less than a week after violent thunderstorms at NASCAR`s Pennsylvania 400 brought down lightning here at Long Pond.

Nine people were injured; one man was killed.

David Niedbaslki with Live Nation said organizers do have a plan in case the weather turns nasty.

“We stop the show, everyone can come underneath the tents that are safe as well as we allow people to leave and evacuate and go to their cars and then when the weather passes, everyone can come back in,” said Niedbalski.

In July, organizers at the pavilion temporarily stopped the Warped Tour as a thunderstorm brought lightning.

Still it wasn`t enough to make fans leave.

For fans at this concert, they plan to weather whatever mother nature brings.

“You throw a poncho on and you have a good time either way,” said Leah Cuoco from Missouri. “I mean, we drove 17 hours, it`s not going to ruin our day.”