Pottsville Firefighters Save Family’s Pets

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POTTSVILLE -- Two pets were rescued by firefighters in Pottsville Wednesday morning.

Emergency crews saved a dog and cat from a fire in Pottsville.

Pottsville firefighters made quick work at stopping the flames on North Third Street. The fire wrecked an apartment and damaged Jim James restaurant on the first floor.

"Horror, horror ,it's our business. It's our livelihood. It will take us a little while to get this repaired. We'll be back in business." James said.

According to fire officials the blaze got started in the middle of the second floor apartment. The cause is under investigation.

The family who lived in the apartment weren't home at the time but firefighters found two dogs and a cat inside. Two out of the three were almost overcome by smoke.

Alie Mengel, a neighbor said she was impressed with the firefighter's efforts.

"It takes a lot of courage being a firefighter and to go into burning buildings and do stuff like that and I think it's miraculous how they got them out and they're trying to bring them back here," said Mengel.

Firefighters spent a good half hour working on the animals on the sidewalk, petting them and giving them lifesaving oxygen. The pets' owner, Kintay Moore was moved by the emergency responders' compassion.

"They're making a valiant effort and we really appreciate it, we greatly appreciate it," Moore said.

After a good dose of oxygen, the dog and the cat were loaded onto a gurney and placed in the family's van. They were then taken to a vet to be checked out.

Dale Blum is one of the firefighters who saved the pets.

"Pets are the same thing as family. For everybody that has a pet, they're just like family." Blum said.

The pets' owner said Jake the dog, will survive, but it's touch and go for Little Bit, the family's cat.