Neighbors Talking Trash

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SAYLORSBURG -- People in one Pocono community are tired of living next to their neighbor's home which is littered with trash.

Residents said they've gone to the township and nothing has been done.

"Just the trash out there is unbelievable," said Frank McCarthy of Saylorsburg.

"There's bags of garbage!" said Mary McCarthy of Saylorsburg.

The McCarthy's live next door to a home located on Brick Church Road near Saylorsburg.

They said it's gotten increasingly worse over the years and especially over the past few months.

Now, they're concerned about the value of homes their neighborhood because they said the homeowner isn't picking up after herself.

"We just don't want to live next to a garbage dump. It smells terrible when it's 100 degrees," said Mary.

The couple led Newswatch 16 to the end of their backyard and showed us what the home filled with trash looks like in the back.

Right now, trees shield the McCarthy's from this scene, but come winter, they can see everything.

"The motorcycles, lawnmowers and clothes, unbelievable clothes. It's bad. Really bad," said Frank.

For one neighbor who lives across the street, she said the home is an eyesore because everyday, from her front door, she has a clear view of all of that garbage.

Newswatch 16 then went to the home and knocked on the door to talk to the woman living there, but no one answered.

Neighbors said they aren't getting any answers from township officials.

Newswatch 16 went to the municipal building to confront the Hamilton Township Zoning Officer.

He refused to be interviewed on camera but explained that there is no ordinance to allow the township to condemn or demolish a property.

As for creating an ordinance, that's up to the entire board of supervisors.

The supervisor who was available, also did not want to go on camera. He told Newswatch 16 there will be a township meeting on Monday, August 13 at 4 p.m. at the municipal building.

It's open to the public.