Locally Owned Market Switching Hands

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OLD FORGE -- A longtime locally-owned market in Lackawanna County is switching hands. Rossi's Market in Old Forge is being sold.

Many people in Old Forge are upset to see the family-run business leave, but happy they won’t be left without a grocery store.

In a borough best known by outsiders for its restaurant food, folks in Old Forge said the fresh groceries they bought at Rossi's market always left an impression.

“I grew up here. I've been here my whole life, it's like 'oh we're going down the street to Rossi's.' Rossi's is our market. The name change, it's kind of weird,” said Brittany Souryavong of Old Forge.

The sign outside the store off Main Street will soon change from Rossi's to Ray's Shur Save Market. The Rossi family has sold the building to the grocery store chain after nearly 25 years of business in Old Forge. They moved into the building 13 years ago.

We caught up with the family at their newest location in Newton Township. A smaller, deli-style store like the Rossi's first market in Old Forge. They will stay open here, but the owners said they'll miss doing business in their hometown.

“I think we were good to them, they were good to us, and I think they'll be happy and so will we,” said Larry Rossi of Rossi’s Market.

Rossi said it was simply time for the market to scale down, but he said he wouldn't leave his Old Forge location unless he knew his customers and his employees would be taken care of.

The Rossis said once Ray's takes over you won’t see too many new faces around here since all 60 employees will be able to keep their jobs.

“I'm sad, I'm sad, but as long as someone's coming into its place and people don't lose their jobs I'll be happy there's another store here and people aren't displaced,” said Debbie Abent of Duryea.

“We used to go to their other market on the other end of town. I'm sure we will see a lot of the same faces, it's a change, but like everything else we'll get on with it,” said Jeff Casella of Old Forge.

The Rossi's aren't sure when their last day will be, but they said when the new owners take over an expansion project is planned.