2012 Hottest Year So Far in Northeast

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DYBERRY TOWNSHIP -- It has been very hot at the Wayne County Fair this year, but that is not keeping the crowds away.

"Very hot this year, Saturday here was unbearable, about 98 degrees I think it was here at the fairgrounds, behind here with the fryers and the grills, probably 110," said Bill Morrison of Carbondale who was frying potatoes under a food tent Wednesday.

People are finding all kinds of ways to keep cool, from eating ice cream or shaved ice to drinking water and other cold drinks, to standing under misters throughout the fairgrounds.

"Every now and then we go out and hang out in the mister for a second, go in the shade," said Melissa Furber of Hawley.

According to the Northeast Regional Climate Center, 2012 is the hottest year on record in the Northeast.

The Center at Cornell University has been keeping records since 1895.

Some folks seemed surprised by that news, others not so much.

"I wasn't surprised because with the way the winter was and it's been a nice summer for a change with all the rain and everything we had last year," said Joan Buehl of Lakeville.

"It does surprise me, it's never been this hot for more than three or four days, that's what's been so nice about this area, but yeah, it's been amazing the whole summer," said Robert Wohning of Honesdale.

The National Weather Service is predicting record-breaking temperatures for the rest of August.

The kids wanted to come to the fair, so you bite the bullet and there you are. We're going to go home and collapse, but that's all right," laughed Carol MacLean of Hamlin.