Stroud Area Police Warn About Spike In Burglaries

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STROUDSBURG -- Police in Monroe County say they are seeing a significant increase in burglaries at homes, particularly over the past three weeks.

Stroud Area Regional Police say they need homeowners to be on alert in an effort to catch who`s behind the crimes.

Police in the Poconos want residents to be alert.

Since the start of the year, Stroud Area Police say they have investigated 80 reported burglaries.

Caroline Lavar lives in East Stroudsburg and says crimes such as these have risen over the years.

“Used to be the day when you could go, leave your house open, come right back but you don`t do that anymore,” said Lavar. “You have to,even in daytime sometimes, you keep the doors locked.”

Stroud Area Police say roughly 30 percent of those reported burglaries have taken place over the past three weeks and no specific area being targeted. Police say these crimes are taking place throughout their jurisdiction.

Police say burglaries were reported in the three municipalities they cover: Stroudsburg, East Stroudsburg and Stroud Township.

And they are happening in areas that are highly populated as well as secluded.

Even the items being taken cover a wide range, from copper plumbing, appliances, tools, jewelry, cash, and computer equipment.

Russell Vanwhy lives in Stroudsburg and says his neighbor was hit.

“He said that somebody broke into his apartment,” said Vanwhy. “He lived up here on lower Main Street and wanted to know if we had anybody stop in to sell us any computer equipment and he said it was because somebody broke into his apartment.”

Police say the burglaries are also happened during both the daytime and at night.

They are asking people to keep watch on their neighbors` homes for suspicious activity.

“People work hard for their money. You should feel safe in your home, your possessions, your children. You shouldn`t have to worry about that. It`s a nice community,” said Gabrielle Rizzieri, who lives in Stroud Township with her three young children.

Residents can contact Stroud Area Regional Police by call 570-421-6800