High School Junior’s Run Helps Charity

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SELINSGROVE -- A junior at Selinsgrove High School finished his required graduation project by crossing the finish line.

Still miles from the finish and Devon Blair of Selinsgrove was fighting through cramps.

Blair, his father Rick and a few national guardsmen made it as far as the Elysburg area.

The foursome ran all the way from Selinsgrove and were headed for Knoebels Amusement Resort: the finish line.

It took more than four hours, but Devon and his crew reached Knoebels. It was the culmination of the high school junior's goal to raise money for the Wounded Warriors Project, a charity that helps combat veterans injured in war.

"Right now hard to explain, you're in shock and awe, it's amazing, the feeling," said Devon Blair.

"We only ran 23 miles, there are soldiers without arms and legs, could never do this. It's turned into a great graduation project for him," added his father, Rick.

At first, Devon wanted to run a marathon. He is too young, however his father said the idea of running to Knoebels for the charity, a total of 23 miles, could be done.

"Not only motivation from my dad and everyone who helped, just the fact I have so much respect for military warriors and soldiers," said Devon about what kept him going.

Devon will turn 17 next month which means he still has two years of high school left. He has already finished his senior project and raised $3,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project. He has many more miles to run to continue helping the men and women of our military, said Devon.