Carbon County Fair Opens

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WEST PENN TOWNSHIP -- Fair season is in full swing, as the calendar page turns to August.

We got a sneak peek at the Carbon County Fair near Palmerton a few hours before it opened.

You can find the usual and the unusual too.

"We're trying something new this year is a camper demolition derby," said Bob Silliman, president of the Carbon County Fair. "We hope that draws a lot, we always try something different, something new."

The fair's vendor area is sold out.

Linda Lewis is a newcomer to the fair.

"It's called the miracle dress, the magic dress, you can wear it a hundred different ways," said Lewis, with Lemon Drop Gift Shop. "My mother is wearing one right now. I sell those, I sell some jewelry, I sell hats."

Mary Kutzer has been at the Carbon County Fair in the past. She specializes in selling roasted corn.

"We depend on income from the fair to survive," said Kutzer, with Sweet Pickens Sweet Corn. "It's important that we do well, with the economy the way it is, we`re hoping for a good turnout."

Dan Graver sets up shop. He's hoping for good weather.

"Last year we got hurt by the heavy rains Saturday evening and then on Sunday the high water the flooding, so this year without the rain I am expecting to do very well," said Graver, with Big Creek Barbeque.