Wrecked Train Station Down, Not Out

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TURBOTVILLE -- A historic train station was flattened over the weekend when strong storms rolled through Northumberland County.

It happened all as work to restore the building was nearly complete and the volunteers behind the project said they have come too far to stop now.

Michael Sechler is still sizing up the damage done to Turbotville's train station after fierce winds knocked-down the place Saturday.

"I got here, and the train station's flat, it's just gone, I didn't even recognize it, it was just a pile of splinters," said Sechler.

This train station has certainly been through a lot over the years, it took two and a half years to get it home to Turbotville, then after a 25 mile trip from Bloomsburg area after the September flood, it survived that, but in one day the winds took the place down.

The station made its return trip in March and work was being done so that it could host events and concerts for the community.

Sechler was a driving force behind the project and is waiting for the insurance company to look over the more than 100-year-old building, or what is left of it, anyway.

"This has been volunteers, their time, this has been donations, this has been fundraisers, this has been normal people who wanted to see this project completed," said Sechler.

Since the collapse, Sechler said all sorts of people have offered to help with donations of money or their time.

The hope is to salvage some original parts and build the station again.

"We're not going to stop, we're determined, it will be here in the near future, with community sticking together it will happen," said volunteer Frank Cotner.