Man Accused of Multi-State Crime Spree

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A man who, according to police, broke into the estate of an 89-year-old woman and shot at her dog is locked up in Luzerne County.

Police believe Charles Conden, 19, of Edwardsville went on a crime spree in two states.

Charles Conden was arrested Monday morning. State police believe his crime spree began early Friday morning in Luzerne County and then continued to Ocean City, Maryland that night.

"(Murdoch asks)You weren`t inside that house? I don`t know. Look at the evidence you tell me," Conden said to Newswatch 16.

State police said there is enough evidence to keep Conden locked up for a long time.

Here's what police say happened: Conden, along with several others, stole a vehicle in West Nanticoke early Friday morning.

They then went to the Pollock estate near Dallas, shot out the the rear door, and entered the home of 89-year-old Marion Pollock. Her house alarm and barking dog woke her up and she took cover in a closet. At the same time, police say Conden fired a shot at Pollock's poodle and soon left the estate.

"I can only imagine, you know, whether it be my mother or someone you know, the fear in your home. You feel safe and it`s pretty unfortunate a home like theirs they couldn`t even feel safe in that home, so at least no one was hurt. She had the sense to hide in there. The audible alarm is really what I think drove them away," said Trooper Tom Kelly of PSP Wyoming.

From there police believe Conden, along with several others, drove to the Sheetz on Route 309 in the Back Mountain and held it up around 2:30 a.m. Friday.

That evening, Conden and the three others ended up in Ocean City,  Maryland. Ocean City police said they were involved in an armed robbery Friday night. The four then led police on a chase and crashed the vehicle. The other three were arrested, but Conden escaped.

State police said they got a tip that Conden returned to the area, and arrested him Monday morning in Kingston along Wyoming Avenue.

State police said the other three people now in custody in Maryland will also face charges here once they're returned.

Conden's locked up on $200,000 bail.