Fate of Turbotville Train Station Unsure

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TURBOTVILLE -- Some strong winds and severe thunderstorms rolled through parts of Northumberland County on Sunday, including the Turbotville Community Park, flattening the Turbotville train station.

Just a few months after it was restored, it is now destroyed.

Now the big question: will it be rebuilt?

The rear wall of the station is broken into pieces. The ticket booth area, which is now under the roof, is shattered.

The building was leveled after a severe thunderstorm whipped through the area on Saturday.

“We got up here and he says 'the train station is flattened,' and I said' no, it's not,' and I looked over and I was shocked it was!" said Crystal Sechler of Turbotville.

“It is most likely irreparably damaged. It's just so extensively damaged, parts of the building aren't even recognizable anymore. It's like the building just blew apart,” said Michael Sechler of the Turbotville Heritage Society.

It was just a few months ago that the more than 100-year-old station was relocated to the Turbotville Community Park.

Dozens of volunteers helped with the project. They fixed the roof and updated it with fresh paint. It was used as a stage for community events, but it wasn't completely restored yet.

“We were still in the process of working on the building.The building was not completed yet, we just got a new roof a short time ago and we were raising more funds to complete the building and now we basically have nothing to work with,” said Michael Sechler.

Now, the fate of the Turbotville train station is up in the air.

The damage is so severe, Michael Sechler said they are not sure if the building can be salvaged, let alone rebuilt.

“Whether we'll be able to use the structure that's laying here in a pile, now I don't know. It looks extensively damaged. We may be able to use the building as a copy and rebuild a new structure.