Hereford Rib Eye Steak

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Exec. Chef John J. Hudak, CEC, AEC, AAC, of Vanderlyn’s Restaurant in Kingston prepares the ultimate ribeye steak! Bon Appetit! 

Texas Ribeye

Yield: 1 Serving


As Needed Cinnamon Chipotle Rub

1 Each Ribeye Steak, Boneless, Cut 18 oz.   

1 Ounce Clarified Butter or Olive Oil

4 Ounces Miniature Tri-Colored Potatoes, Blanched  

½ Ounce Garlic, Chopped 

½ Ounce Scallions, Chopped

1 Ounce Shallots, Sliced

2 Ounces Shittake Mushrooms, Sliced

2 Ounces Malbec 

2 Ounces Beef Stock

½ Ounce Whole Butter  

4 Ounces Onions, Sliced ½” Thick, Beer Battered & Flash Fried  

To Taste Parsley, Chopped

To Taste Salt & Black Pepper

To Taste Fresh Rosemary, Chopped  

As Needed Malbec Rosemary Au Jus 

Method of Preparation

1) Season Ribeye evenly on both sides with olive oil & cinnamon chipotle rub.

2) Place Ribeye on char grill & cook to desired temperature. 

3) While steak is cooking, heat clarified butter in 10” sauté pan.

4) Add potatoes & toss lightly until they start to color, add garlic, shallots, mushrooms & scallions, sauté briefly, season with rosemary, salt & pepper.

5) Remove pan from fire, deglaze with Malbec, add beef stock, reduce slightly, finish with whole butter.

6) Place potato mushroom blend on heated dinner plate, rest Ribeye over potatoes, drizzle with Au jus, top with onion rings & Enjoy


Recipe Prepared and Presented By

John J. Hudak Jr., CEC, ACE, AAC  

Executive Chef, Vanderlyn’s Restaurant