Rendell Remarks on Current Issues

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SCRANTON -- The former governor pulls no punches.

Even in the title of his book, A Nation of Wusses, How America's Leaders Lost the Guts to Make Us Great.

"We've reached a level of paralysis because our elected officials are simply afraid of losing their jobs, afraid of offending their bases, afraid of doing what they know in their hearts and in their minds are the right thing for the country and the state," said Ed Rendell

Speaking to Newswatch 16, the former governor touched on a variety of issues from the fiscal problems in Scranton.

"It's sort of unfair but the solution has the come from a reduction of benefits, increased pay into the pension system these htings are happening everywhere it's the only way government can survive these days," said Rendell.

He also touched on the scandal at Penn State saying, "Theres an old saying, the coverup is worse than the crime."

Rendell was a member of Penn State's board of trustees for eight years, and said he was never informed of any suspicions regarding Jerry Sandusky.

As for his successor, Rendell has heard the criticism of Tom Corbett's investigation of Sandusky when Corbett was attorney general.

"Who knows what the workload in the office was, who knows how many investigators they had at heir disposal. It seems like very few, it seems like this was put in kind of like a slow progression but i don't think any of us the know enough about the inner workings of the office to really make a comment about that," said Rendell.