Family of ATV Victim Wants Other Riders to Learn

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LARKSVILLE -- In just a few hours, a memorial service will honor David Nice.

He's the young man killed earlier this week in an ATV crash on Mountain Road in Larksville.

The family of David Nice hopes a tragedy such as this never happens again.

They said David wasn't wearing a helmet on Sunday when he was killed, and they want his death to send a message to everyone who rides an ATV to be responsible.

A long line of mourners, friends, and family of David Nice filed into the Parsons Baptist Church in Wilkes-Barre to say goodbye.

At the scene of the crash, a memorial lines the road filled with balloons, flowers, posters, and messages.

David's friends even had memorial shirts made up to honor his life.

"You could meet Dave right now and he touches you. He was the nicest kid in the world. A kid with a golden heart he`s not going to be forgotten. He`s going out with a bang," said Rick Koyden, David's friend.

David`s family said he was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash and by law, ATV riders are not allowed to use public roads. David`s aunt said the memorial at the crash site should be a warning to all other ATV riders.

"We want everybody for the kids if we could save one life so he didn`t die in vain. If they can just slow down, wear their helmets, be responsible, that may help us get through this to help us know that David saved one of his friends or somebody else," said Tracy Chackan, David's aunt.

"Peace for his family and friends, and about the helmets, hopefully it will save other kids lives so it doesn`t happen again," added Koyden.

Another memorial will get underway tonight at 9:00 p.m. on 6th Street in Larksville. The family said all are welcome to attend.