Race Fans Ready for Pocono Weekend

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LONG POND -- Race day in the Poconos is just days away, but fans are starting to fill the infield along turn two at Pocono Raceway in Long Pond.

John Conti from Cresco has followed the NASCAR race series for more than 20 years, but for the last five he's been bringing his family right to the action in the Poconos, and as many other races as they can make.

"We`ll take the bus and we`ll run from place to place and try to follow as many races and tracks as we can," said Cresco.

Jordyn Loff from Forest City traveled to Monroe County with her family and can't wait for the weekend to kick off.

"I grew up watching NASCAR, I've always been up here. It`s really, really great. I love relaxing at watching the race. This is something I grew up doing and something I want to be around the rest of my life," said Loff.

They said getting to the track early is the only way to go.

"Now you have a pick of your sights, it`s easier to get in, and you have four days," said Lorraine Loff of Jermyn.

The Kamansky's are also setting up shop at Long Pond, and have followed the circuit for 25 years.

"Usually we travel and go home, work a little bit, and then go back on the road," said Jeanne Kamansky of Massachusetts.

They've hit races all the way from Talladega to Bristol and everything in between, but many fans including the Kamansky's said nothing beats the atmosphere at Pocono Raceway.

The engines will start heating up Friday, with the main event, the Pocono 400, circling the track on Sunday.