Hometown Proud of Sullivan County Olympian

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HILLSGROVE -- Even though one of our local Olympians barely missed the mark Thursday in London, fans at home in Sullivan County are mighty proud of him.

Signs of support were all over the Hillsgrove area along Route 87 where Josh Richmond grew up. The hometown boy was competing in men's double trap shooting in this year's Olympics.

It's something Richmond has excelled at for years. Not only is he an Olympic athlete, but a staff sergeant in the United States Army. Both are sources of pride for his friends and family.

"We're so proud, we get a lot of customers, 'Do you know Josh? Is this where he grew up?' It's been exciting for people outside the area," said Becky Bagley.

The folks at Becky's Sunset Ice Cream were waiting to find out how Richmond fared in the Olympic qualifier. Josh had to be in the top six to have a shot at a medal.

"It's so exciting he's even there, even if he doesn't place, we're very proud of him," added Bagley.

Richmond placed 16th in the qualifying round but those who know him said he will be back in four years to go for the golf again.

"He's still gold to us. The kid works hard, trained hard. He'll be back, you watch," said Dave Baumunk of Hillsgrove.

After all, Josh Richmond is just 26 years old and will no doubt keep his skills sharp while serving our country.