Heat is Helping Air Conditioning Business

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FORTY FORT -- We aren't in a drought emergency, but we have had a hotter than average summer.

That has meant a boost in business for some who sell and service central air conditioning in our area.

We talked with one business owner in Luzerne County who said the heat is perfect timing.

For the crew from Yenason Mechanical in Wilkes-Barre the work just keeps coming this summer. We met up with them on a job in Forty Fort installing a central air conditioning system in a home.

"The summer has been fantastic. The heat, we've installed many many central air conditioning systems and ductless air conditioning systems. It's wonderful for us,” said Joe Yenason, Yenason Mechanical owner.

Yenason said the timing of the heat, and all the work it's bringing with it couldn't be better. He said jobs putting air conditioning systems into new homes has dried up the past two years in this area.

Since new homes aren't going up, Yenason is now focusing on older homes

“It has come to almost a screeching halt, and the retrofit market you know, the heat it’s forcing people to put in air conditioning that they thought about for years because they're just so uncomfortable,” said Yenason.

With all the heat this summer, Yenason is installing one central air conditioning system per day, sometimes two. They can get the whole job done in that one day.

“They go to work in the morning, they come home at night, they have air conditioning.  They must love that. They love it!" said Rich Ivanitch, Yenason Mechanical employee.

Yenason Mechanical has found that people sitting in all this heat believe the cost of putting in central air is worth it. Yenason's average cost is $5,500 to $8,000 for a normal home.

Employees may be hot on the job, but don't mind that the heat means a lot of work.

“That's good, good profit for the company, good for us, and we'll all have a job,” said Ivanitch.

Yenason Mechanical is also doing a lot of maintenance on older air conditioning systems that are working overtime this summer. Experts recommend you get your central air system serviced every year so it runs efficiently.