Three Boys Arrested, Charged in Robbery

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SCRANTON — Three teenage boys were arrested and charged Monday after Scranton Police said the trio pulled a knife on a teen and stole his belongings last Friday.

Authorities arrested Kyle Gomes, Nicholas Cary, and Christopher Olmedo for their roles in the robbery.

According to investigators, a young teen waived down police on South Washington Avenue last Friday morning and said he was robbed at knifepoint by three teenagers who he said he planned on meeting.

The victim said he met the teens at the Salvation Army on South Washington Avenue when Olmedo pulled a knife on him and ordered him to empty his pockets.  The other teenagers showed up and took an IPod Touch, a cell phone, and the victim’s wallet.  The thieves then ran away.

Police found the boys at one of their houses.  Gomes, Cary, and Olmedo are being charged as adults.