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DALLAS -- When Paige Selenski shared photos of her night at the Olympic opening ceremonies through Twitter, she said being part of Team USA field hockey and being in London for the games is a dream come true.

Those who knew the field hockey star back home in Dallas love watching her live that dream.

A sign is up at her alma mater, Dallas High School, cheering on the hometown Olympian.

"I know it was always her goal. She was really intense about it when she was at school.  I'm just proud that she's there," said Bethany Harris, who was a classmate of Selenski.

Harris played field hockey at Dallas. She was a freshman when Paige was a senior.

"I have been watching, It's really exciting. I've been looking for her out on the field and to see her out there is pretty exciting," said Harris.

Paige is now on a far grander scale that the fields where she used to play in Dallas but judging by what she has posted online from London, she hasn't forgotten her roots. 

People here certainly are rooting for her.

"We're so proud of her and her accomplishments and everything she had to get through. Just her spirit and her motivation to get to where she is today is a great example for our athletes," said Nancy Roberts, Dallas' athletic director

Roberts said the school hopes to retire Paige Selenski's uniform this fall, but now the most important thing is finding her on TV.

"All the hubbub is the 'games at two o'clock, the game is at two o'clock.'  Some people thought it was tomorrow, now we found out it was today. What station it was on, what number its on different stations and things like that," said Roberts.

Paige is even represented at a back mountain institution during the games. At the Hillside Farms Dairy, you can get "The Paige". It's a sundae with vanilla ice cream, strawberries, blueberries, and of course, some whipped cream with a cherry on top.

"We were trying to make new sundaes and since it's the Olympics, we thought we should make one for the local Olympian and the other girl knew her, she went to Dallas so we made it red, white and blue." said Amanda Kocher, a worker at the ice cream shop.