Police: Gang Responsible for Coaldale Vandalism

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COALDALE --Vandals armed with paint made a mess out of cars and other properties in Coaldale. There were 10 targets in all including a church.

Security cameras caught them in the act.  Police say the vandalism is bad enough but who's doing it makes it worse.

The police chief blames a street gang.

"They tagged some of these homes and vehicles. They are gang tags from a gang that`s from Lansford and Summit Hill," said Chief Tim Delaney.

The gang vandals targeted Nick Macenka's car. He`s retired and on a fixed income and that's why he's not in a hurry to get it fixed.

"It'll cost $450. They (insurance company will ) take care of part of it, I`ll be responsible for $250," said Macenka.

Police believe the gang spray painted buildings to make off their so called "turf"

"It's all over the place, especially small communities. They're expanding out, trying to recruit young kids and they fall for a lot of this stuff, a lot of the hype," said Chief Delaney.

Some say because the vandalism is gang-related they don't want to talk to us on camera.

Contact Coaldale police if you have any information about the vandals.