Pocono Raceway Prepping for the Weekend

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LONG POND -- Although the big NASCAR race isn't until Sunday, Pocono Raceway crews are already setting up for the weekend.

For some crews, prep work started a month ago.

Right now, Pocono Raceway in Long Pond looks very calm at first glance. But once you get inside the track, all bets are off as food crews are busy chopping vegetables and getting food ready for the weekend ahead. That's when NASCAR rolls into town once again.

"We're feeding thousands of people, maybe 75 hospitality suites, so it's very important that we get it right, take our time," said Frank Famularo, of the Pocono Raceway's food service department.

In order to get it right the first time, the crew started preparing a month ago, mainly with items that they could cook then freeze until this weekend.

"You can't certainly put it all together in two or three days," said Famularo.

There's also plenty of prep work being done under the grandstands as crews set up concession stands. Set up for the vendors started on Tuesday and will be complete by Thursday.

The concessions operations manager will tell you setting up the tents is no small feat.

"It takes a crew of about 20 to set up over 30 locations, a lot of work," said Ben May of Pocono Raceway.

Then later this week, the food vendors move in, offering all kinds of eats and treats.

"Turkey legs, hot dogs, fries, burgers, gyros, all the good stuff," said May.

Everyone will be in place by Thursday. Friday morning at 8:00 a.m., the race weekend officially begins.